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How do I store for my jewelry?

Keep your pieces in a dry place away from direct sun or extreme heat. We include a sleeper bag in each jewelry order that makes the perfect home to keep your jewelry safe.

How do I clean my jewelry?

Use a damp cloth to wipe down your jewelry gently. Do not use heavy disinfectants. Although your jewelry is hard and durable, it can be subject to scratching, cracking, and / or deteriorating if not cared for properly.

Exchange Policy

All sales are final. Exchanges for different necklace lengths, and rings are accepted up to 10 days after your order has been marked delivered if in stock. Piece(s) must be in the condition that they were sent in. Customer is responsible for the shipping fee.

Cancellation Policy

Once an order is submitted, we do our best to complete it in a timely fashion. Because of this, we do not accept cancellations of orders unless you contact us within 24hours. We understand that sometimes life happens and an order may need to be cancelled or changed. We will work with you to try to rectify any orders that may fall into this category.

Jewelry Repairs

We understand that accidents can happen and that your jewelry is not indestructible. Please feel free to reach out to us if you are needing repair on a piece. Must be within 90 days of you receiving your piece. Customer is responsible for the shipping fee. To request a repair, please contact us here

How to find your size

We strive to be as size inclusive as possible. We offer rings in sizes 1-15, earring stud posts that vary in length, and necklace chains in 16"-36"

Ring sizing - We have a reusable ring sizer that can be purchased here.

Necklace sizing -  Use a measuring tape or any type of string to measure the length of how you would like the chain to hang around your neck. Keep in mind that necklaces with pendants will hang longer. If your desired piece does not meet the length you'd like, please contact us here for customization requests.

Shipping Policy

Shipping times vary by the rate that you select at check-out. We offer shipping through USPS.

Processing time is generally 1- 3 days unless otherwise noted. If your processing time is expected to be delayed we will contact you as soon as possible.

If your shipping fee is found to be higher than the actual cost of shipping, you will not refunded the overage. We do our best to estimate the size and weight of each piece to ensure that the shipping is calculated accurately. If the cost of shipping is higher than what you have paid for in your order you will NOT be charged an overage fee.

Once packages are scanned in by the mail carrier, they are no longer in our hands. We cannot assume responsibility for packages that are damaged, stolen, or lost in transit. If you need assistance in locating your package, please reach out to your local postmaster.

Custom and personalized orders

We encourage custom or personalized orders to meet your specific needs. Please allow for extra preparation time in order for us to complete your order to our fullest extent. If you are requesting custom color combinations, please have a reference picture of your color available. Once completed, a proof will be sent to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you need any assistance with a project!

Gift wrapping and packaging

If you would like an order gift wrapped, please select the gift button upon placing an order. We will do our very best to make your gift personalized, and to fill your order to perfection. All of our jewelry items are packaged on a small card inside of a sleeper bag. We place the bag containing your jewelry into a biodegradable jewelry box closed with paper tape for shipping. Each order comes with a little thank you gift from us.


We’d love to work with you! Please visit our wholesale guide found here.



Durable: Brass is made up of copper and zinc making it a durable metal. 

Waterproof: you can wear your brass jewelry in the shower or ocean without it breaking! If you wear your brass jewelry in the water, you might see your skin turn green where it came in contact. This is because of the copper in the brass.  

14k Gold Fill

Durable: At the core of gold fill is high quality jewelers’ brass which is then coated in at least 5% 14K gold that will never rub or flake off.

Hypoallergenic: Because gold fill does not use any nickel it is hypoallergenic and a great affordable option for those sensitive to metals.

Slow/non-tarnish: Gold in general is a great metal because it is extremely slow to tarnish and when it does it’s easily cleaned.

Waterproof: you can wear your gold fill jewelry in the shower or ocean without worrying about it turning your skin green! As long as your jewelry never comes into contact with chemicals (like those put in pools) it will stay picture perfect.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is about 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper, brass, or sometimes nickel.

Allergenic: Sterling silver can sometimes have trace amounts of nickel and is not a good option if you are sensitive to certain metals like nickel.

Tarnishes: Because sterling silver is an alloy it tends to tarnish. This means the silver will go from bright and shiny to a darker silver color. It will never rub off on your skin or turn it green.

Waterproof: Like gold fill sterling silver is waterproof and not harmed by fresh and usually saltwater. Always allow your jewelry to fully dry before putting it in an airtight container.

Damaged or Lost packages

Acorn & Artisan is not liable for any damages done to your order via transit. However, if the packaging is not damaged but the piece is upon arrival, please send me an email & we can discuss potential next steps. I do my best to package each piece with care to prevent damage to your items!

You may file a claim with USPS if your package and its contents arrive damaged. I insure every order over $100.

Lost or Stolen Package

Acorn & Artisan is not liable for lost or stolen packages. If you believe your order was lost in transit or stolen upon delivery, you may file a claim with USPS. I insure every order over $100.

Note: A “lost” package may just be a package that is late & hasn’t been scanned. Please allow 7-21 days for your piece to arrive. Contact me and/or USPS only after you have waited 21 days, please! I have the same tracking information as you — I cannot do anything to help once your order has left my studio. The current staffing shortages and overwhelm can cause delays in shipping, so please be patient with me & USPS! Your piece is most likely arriving soon.