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Acorn and Artisan crafts distinctive jewelry with a blend of 14k gold-fill, brass, & sterling silver, featuring unique lost wax cast designs. This women-owned, Maine-based business draws inspiration from the owner’s children, her 'little acorns,' embodying a personal touch in every piece. Kelsey combines modern boho vibes with classic styles to make unique pieces that aren’t just jewelry, but are celebrations of family, individuality, & the beauty of nature.

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About Kelsey

My hubby and I met in Georgia while I was pusuing my MS. Natural Science. Soon thereafter we moved to rural Maine. Like for many couples my family took a lot of work to create. By January of 2019 my husband and I had the dreaded IVF talk with our reproductive endocrinologist at Boston IVF. If you don’t know anyone who has gone through the infertility tango and/or IVF, it’s a long process that is emotionally, physically, and mentally taxing.

Around this time, my sister told me I needed a hobby - something to get my mind off of the what if’s and how come’s of our situation. My business was “opened” as my creative outlet.

We were blessed on lucky embryo transfer #3 and 4 and now have two beautiful kiddos . My days are spent making wearable art, taking care of my two littles, and I teach biology courses as an adjunct at Central Maine Community College.