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If you're like me you have little free time to spend on yourself more days than not, AND want to feel your best.

Our products are made with love and aim to empower you to feel confident and make a bold statement. I specialize in making one of a kind pieces of jewelry, and love making quirky apparel to make you feel your best. All of our jewelry is nickel and lead free. Many piece include gemstone and other embellishments, raw brass, and gold filled and gold plated elements. Our shirts are unisex unless otherwise noted and are screen printer and/or sublimated with unique designs. These shirts are not only buttery soft, but also will stand the test of time.

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Kelsey & daughter, Eila

About Kelsey

Like for many couples my family took a lot of work to create. By January of 2019 my husband and I had the dreaded IVF talk with our reproductive endocrinologist at Boston IVF. If you don’t know anyone who has gone through the infertility tango and/or IVF, it’s a long process that is emotionally, physically, and mentally taxing.

Around this time, my sister told me I needed a hobby - something to get my mind off of the what if’s and how come’s of our situation. My business was “opened” in 2019 as my creative outlet.

We were blessed on lucky embryo transfer #3 and now have a beautiful baby girl name Eila. My business was renamed (FKA Farmhouse Fluid Art) in 2020 to reflect my little acorn and myself. Our logo is of my littles favorite bunny stuffed animal that she sleeps with at night.