Work in Progress, an Update

A few weeks ago we introduced you to one of the earrings of this collection. Finally completed, we’re excited to reintroduce you to this abstract, bold studs. At first when I as concepualizing this collection I wanted to create timeless, simple pieces that would showcase the love between Fran & Grace. As I was creating, though, this pair became more of a statement piece. When I think of their styles, it really is shocking how different my grandmother and grandfather were. My grandfather was a dapper gentleman. He liked to wear nice shirts, sweaters, and bow ties. His style for the most part, though, was focused on being comfortable (and included A LOT of patterned shirts). Jewelry wise he only ever wore his wedding ring that I saw. 


On the other hand we have my grandmother. Grace loved bold patterns, bright colors, and her jewelry was the same way. Although when she was older she mostly just wore her wedding band when she got dressed up she loved a chunky necklace or flashy pair of earrings. For this reason, this pair was named for her. When you wear these earrings I hope that you feel bold and confident and are able to channel some of her take no bullshit personality. 

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