Unveiling the 'Lost & Found' Collection

Our latest jewelry collection, "Lost & Found," finds its roots in an unexpected discovery. This collection stems from the beauty of items that have been left behind, specifically vintage bottles that we've found and repurposed into something new. This collection celebrates not just the beauty of these items, but their history and the journey from being discarded to becoming cherished once more.

The idea for "Lost & Found" came when in conversation my mom suggested using the bottles we had long ago found as inspiration. These bottles, which had been found when the school across the street from my childhood home underwent construction, spent the last 2 decades in my moms basement. They sparked our imagination, leading us to see potential in what was once considered waste. From this inspiration, we crafted a collection that breathes new life into these relics.

Turning these bottles into jewelry was a challenge that required both creativity and skill. Our process involved carefully selecting the right pieces and then transforming them into something you can wear. This wasn't just about making something new from the old, but about reimagining the shapes and textures of the bottles into wearable art. 

In the collection, we've melded historical charm with modern design. The Vitrum Aura Ring, for example, showcases the beauty of glass, linking the past to the present. Each piece tells a story, a piece of history reimagined as something beautiful.

"Lost & Found" isn't just another collection. It represents a deeper story of rediscovery and pays tribute to the beauty in items left behind. As we gear up for the launch, we invite you to learn more about the stories of these pieces, their inspiration, and the craftsmanship involved.

We see jewelry as something that should inspire as well as adorn. The "Lost & Found" collection serves as a connection between yesterday and today, celebrating enduring beauty. Look forward to exclusive previews and more as we get ready to introduce a collection that challenges conventional notions of beauty and design.

Come with us as we uncover the stories of these forgotten items. Experience the transformation of discarded objects into treasures that link the past to the present.

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