They're hereeeee!

The big day is there - the Glitter & Gold Collection is available!!


I am SO thrilled to be sharing the new collection with you. It's filled with gold-filled, sterling silver, and gemstone pieces that are sure to transition effortlessly with you from day to night wear this summer. 


Here are some of my favs from the new collection:

Ear cuffs! 

Ok, hear me out. At first ear cuffs screamed 90's in my head, but they're super cute, lightweight, and help make any ear feel like a work of art. This collection features not ONE, but TWO ear cuffs - the micro huggie and the twist huggie. 

These cuffs can be used on your cartilage, around the middle of your ear (my personal fav), or in your lobe as simple piercing. 

Squiggle Studs (aka snake studs)

Whatever you want to call these babies, they hold a special spot in my favs list. I'm a HUGE fan of versatile pieces lately and these studs are no different. You can wear these studs hanging down for a fun, delicate stud or you can flip them up to become "crawlers". My personal fav way to wear them is as a crawler. 

Let's Make a Stack

Ring stacks are as unique as you are. We wanted to make sure that you could wear your rings everyday no matter what your day holds. With that in mind, we made both gold-filled and sterling silver rings. Combine two or three rings to make a fun stack or wear a single ring as a dainty, cute band. 

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