Styling Tips: Rocking the "Desert Luxe" Vibe Every Day

Hey there, you style mavens!

With the much-anticipated "Desert Luxe" collection just around the corner, we bet you're as stoked as we are! 🌵✨ But why wait weeks to channel those desert vibes? Acorn and Artisan have got some easy-peasy styling hacks that will help you rock that "Desert Luxe" look right now!


The Charm of Earthy Tones

Let's start simple. Earthy tones like terracotta, beige, and muted greens will immediately transport you to a desert setting. Pair these with your current Acorn and Artisan pieces for an instantly grounded look.

Fringe Benefits

Yes, you read that right. Fringe! Think tassel earrings or a boho fringe bag. Pair it with our upcoming Canyon Embrace Bracelet and you're a walking desert dream.


Go Bold with Boots

Don those cowboy or ankle boots and couple them with our Blossom Mirage Hoops for that wild west flair. Yeehaw, anyone?

Desert-Ready Layers

Play with light layers to get that perfect transitional look, just like the ever-changing desert skies. Add the Saguaro Sunbeam Bracelet to complete the ensemble.

Less is Desert More

Simplicity is key when you’re going for an authentic vibe. Pick a standout piece like our Twilight Terrain Band and let it make its own statement.


So, until "Desert Luxe" drops, keep these tips in your style pocket and look desert-chic every single day!

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