Spring Staples: Our favs for the new season!

This spring we’ve made a list of all our favs. These pieces are light, bright, and easily pair with your outfit as you transition from winter to spring looks.


Calling all plant mamas!

A staple of Acorn & Artisan has become our mini pendants. Among the different designs you can always find a leaf pendant and daisy pendant. These pendants are made from 14k gold filled and/or sterling silver. They’re perfect for layering or wearing alone for a classic, modern look. The best part is that these babies are tiny!



Lunar lovers where you at?

Moons have and probably always will be my jam. From simple crescent moon threaders that are perfect for all day wear to our multi wear blue topaz earrings there’s something so whimsical and dreamy about adding a little lunar flare to your outfit. Looking for a moon inspired piece that is a little bigger? Our brass moon phase earrings fit that request!



Edgy baddies need accessories, too!

From bigger boho fringe pieces to moonstone fringe earrings, we love making the statement pieces to elevate your look. We also love a dramatic necklace like our black and teal triangle pendant!



Who said minimal had to be boring?

Simple studs in gold fill and sterling silver pair with any outfit and make for the perfect addition to your earring stack. We love adding simple studs to to earrings like our corner studs or tear drop studs for an elegant look. A spinner necklace is also a fun way to add a simple element to your outfit, while also having a way to get some of the wiggles out.

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