Some of my Favorite Tools

Over the last year I’ve amassed quite the collection of tools as I’ve explored metal smithing. This post isn’t inclusive to what I’d suggest buying if you’re starting out, but when asked what my favorite tools are I’d hands down say hammers. There’s something so exciting about getting a new hammer, new texture patterns become available, and your creativity is unleashed. 


At the start of last year when I began to really try to get into metal work I began with one simple hammer. This hammer is used mostly for stamping designs. Then when I bought my first disc cutter, which can help me punch out circles in metal, I bought this bigger hammer. This guy has a little more weight to it and enables me to hammer out the pieces without too many unnecessary and tiresome strikes. 


Then, I wanted texture. If you know me you know that I loveeeee texture on my jewelry. I have no idea why I’m so drawn to it, but I think it has something to do with the light bouncing off the pieces and the simple beauty it brings. To do this, I bought my first 2 “fun” hammers. 


Today the collection has grown a bit more, check out some of the different textures these hammers bring to life on the pieces in the upcoming collection! 


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