Signature Squiggle

On the day my mom went to the funeral home to help plan my grandfather’s services, Eila and I were dancing in what we affectionally call The Record Room. Used mostly as a home for the record player, product photography for Acorn & Artisan, and inventory storage the room is often the center of an afternoon dance party. During this day, I happened to look on the wall. There I found myself reading the many messages from family written to Patrick & I during our wedding. One message in particular stood out - the one from my grandfather. 

Finding inspiration in unusual places was one of my many goals with this collection. I wanted to make some pieces that were simple, but also held meaning to my family. The first of these pieces to be created happened the week of Christmas. I wanted to make my mom something for Christmas, but, of course, was stumped at what she’d love. Then one night as my mind struggled to power down it came to me - THE SQUIGGLE. 

Each time he signed a card or note my grandfather included his signature squiggle. Without hesitation I went to work the next day to make her a necklace. As soon as she opened it she knew what it was and immediately put it on. After Christmas my mom suggested that I add this piece to the collection. Although it holds the most sentimental meaning to my family, this part of the collection helps to keep his memory alive by whoever wears it. May it bring you as much love, happiness, and magic as he did for us. 

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