Our top 4 tips to finding your perfect pair of earrings

I can sum up the first time I tried to find my signature pair of earrings in three words: a complete disaster. The earrings didn't match everything I wore, were heavy in my already stretched lobes (hello gauges!), and I was one step away from calling it quits for good! Luckily, I kept at it, and with some time and experimentation I've become pretty dang good at making earrings that are as pretty as they are comfortable.

I put together this list to help you go from that frustrating starting point to finding Mr. Right (the right earrings that is…) in just a few days instead of a few years! It’s my great privilege to share these resources I wish I had when I was just starting out with you today.

Go bold, find a pair that speaks to your soul!

If you don't absolutely love that shirt you're wearing then you probably find yourself either avoiding wearing it or fussing with it all day long. The same goes for your jewelry. Your jewelry should bring you joy when you wear these pieces, and spark confidence to conquer your day. When in doubt, go with the piece that your eye is drawn to first, you walk away thinking about, or just plain makes you happy. 

Have a neutral pair in your collection.

My closet is FILLED with patterns - pants, shirts, you name it. For me this means that I can make every outfit a "look", but sometimes those bold outfits need a neutral pair of earrings to complete it. Having at least one neutral pair of earrings in your collection, like our gold-filled studs, helps to give you an easy, effortless option that can go with any outfit.

Try something outside of your comfort zone!

Ok, I get it. I'm a creature of habit and am drawn to the same styles most of the time, but that doesn't mean I wont occasionally reach for the dress on the rack that looks like your grandma's couch threw up all over it. Just like with clothing, you never know how something is going to look until you try it on. In the last few years many of us have had a chance to explore our styles, and find ourselves again. Trying new pieces of jewelry that are either bigger or smaller than you'd normally choose or have different colors than you normally reach for can open the door to more possibilities.

Make it a statement!

When I started making earrings I, admittedly, was kind of bummed. I've had gauges for .... over a decade.... and don't event bother trying to wear "normal" earrings in my lobe. Then, something clicked for me. Why stop at dressing up my first hole, when I can make my whole ear the statement? My go to picks to do this is to wear my gauge in my first hole, a simple stud in my second, followed by the squiggle in my third. I love putting the latter crawling up my ear, too. Another fav of mine is to wear a pair of simple threaders in my third holes and use our new micro huggie as a cuff since my left ear doesn't have any cartilage piercings. 

At the end of the day, whether you're picking out a new piece of jewelry for a loved one or just treating yourself (the best form of self care), we want you to let personality shine, gorgeous. 

Need some help finding that perfect fit? Let us know! We're happy to help you style your pieces. 

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