Being a mama is hard. Owning a business is hard. You, my love, are capable of being both, finding the balance in your life, and loving *almost* every minute of it. 

kelsey and eila

Here's my top favorite ways to balance being a mama and being ... well... me!

1. Take time for yourself when you need it. Ok, hear me out - it's hard to do, but sometimes mama needs a break. Everything that's on your to-do list today will be there tomorrow. If my little needs extra attention or has a hard time sleeping for a nap, then work can wait until tomorrow. If mama needs a night off to just veg out and relax, work can wait until tomorrow.

2. It's OK to turn the mom hat off for a minute. If you need to get things done and your little can do some independent play or coloring monopolize on that! Alternatively, if your kiddo can be watched by a family member or friend for a few to give you a break, use the time for what you need (read if you need to take time for yourself, it's ok to do so!!)

3. It's ok to say no. Sometimes it can be hard as a small business to say no to custom orders or no to events. Sometimes, though, it's important to say no. Knowing your business goals and only pursuing opportunities that align with your business values is important.


There's no one size fits all or magic trick to finding some balance, you need to do what feels good for you and your family. Just don't forget that you're a part of that equation, too, and taking care of yourself is a priority. 

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