Journeying Through Arizona: The Spark Behind "Desert Luxe"

Hey friends!

Ever wondered what happens when you drop a jewelry lover (that's me!) in the heart of Arizona? A whirlwind of inspiration, a pinch of sunburn, and voila - our newest collection, "Desert Luxe."

From the positively piping hot Phoenix to the fabulous Flagstaff vibes, every corner of Arizona whispered a story to me. I felt like Alice, only my Wonderland was filled with cacti, mesas, and starlit nights. This blog dives into my favorite stops, and how the "Desert Luxe" collection sprouted from these experiences.

Flagstaff - We spent the majority of our trip in this amazing city. Weirdly enough although it’s around the size of Portland, ME it had a completely different feel. The downtown life was bustling with shops, restaurants, and incredibly friendly people. We happened to be visiting on one of their Saturday movie nights and, of course, the giant screen was playing none other than Harry Potter. 

Jerome - I hate heights…there I said it. This tiny town is situated with the most awe inspiring views up a road that I have confidently renamed spaghetti soup. Why a road going up a mountain needs so many twists and turns I may never understand, but the allure of visiting this quiet little gem? Totally worth it. 

Phoenix - She may have been unbearably hot, and we may have picked the only days of the week where all of the things we quickly found to visit were closed, but man, oh, man, can you find some good eats! Our household is a HUGE fan of tacos, beans, and really anything with some flavor so we were in foodie heaven. 


In the weeks to come we'll be showing off more of the new pieces of this collection, dropping December 1st, and the inspiration behind them! 

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