Jewelry Care 101: Making Your Treasures Last a Lifetime

Hey, lovely!

So, you've invested in some fabulous Acorn and Artisan pieces (or plan to). How do you ensure they forever retain their sparkle and charm? Let's dive into some jewelry care basics:

  1. Keep 'em Dry: Although all of our pieces are waterproof, it’s better to remove your jewelry when you're about to dive into a pool, shower, or do the dishes. Water, especially with chlorine or detergents, can be a jewelry nemesis. Wore your pieces in the water? No fear, skip to step 3 to bring back its beautiful shine! 
  2. Storage is Key: Store each piece separately. Our pieces come with individual pouches that are not just pretty, but functional too. They prevent scratches and tangles.
  3. Polish Gently: Can’t find the included microfiber cloth we sent? No worries, a soft, lint-free cloth works wonders. Remember, always rub the piece gently and in straight lines, not circles.

By giving your jewelry a little TLC, you ensure that it continues to shine, dazzle, and tell its story.

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