Multi-Use Item, MicroHuggie & Ear Cuffs

No piercing? No problem. We've got you covered with our new huggies.

These simple, effortless pieces can easily slide into an existing piercing or be worn as stylish ear cuffs. We put together our favorite ways to wear ear cuffs below to help you as you style your next favorite earring stack.

Ear Cuff

Add an ear cuff easily by using one of our huggies. To wear simple twist the two ends away from one another, secure on your ear, and gently realign the sides. This will ensure a comfy fit, while also not distorting the shape of your earring. These earrings can be worn as cuffs on your lobes or cartilage.

Ear Huggie

Not feeling the cuff option? These huggies can also be worn through your piercings. Wear these cuffs through your lobe piecing for a seamless hoop or thread through to lobe piercings for a double threaded look. 

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