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When I started making jewelry I set out to make pieces that have personality, are beautiful, but won’t break the bank. These days, my pieces still align with these values, and so many more…


I’d love to wear those, but they’re too heavy for the lobes.

Most of our pieces are feather light. If I don’t think they’d be comfortable in my gauged ears, then it’s not likely that I’d make them for you. On our website we also offer clip on options for folks who need them added to their favorite pair of earrings.


Here are some of our favorite go-to looks that are deceptively light:

Coastal Crawler Threaders 


Too old for those

Babe, we’ve heard it all - too old, can’t pull off x size earring or necklace, etc - and we don’t believe any of it. Your accessories shouldn’t be defined by what you think you should wear, but what makes you happy when you’re wearing it. We want you to feel confident, radiant, and bold when wearing our pieces.


Here are some of our favorite go-to looks to start your collection:

Hammered hoop studs & River Squiggle Studs


I have gauges

Same, and, honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever not want my gauges. When buying earrings, though,having gauges can make things tricky (READ: BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE!). For me when I love lever hook earrings that I can simply throw through my gauge. Another style that I’ve found to be comfy is fish hooks. For me I simply throw my earring through my gauge under my tunnel and secure it with a small backer.


Here are some of my favorite pieces to wear with my gauges:


I have sensitive ears / skin

We heard you! Although we do have some designs with brass components, none of our earrings have pieces that go into your ear made of brass or other composite metals. All of our designs are nickel free. For the majority of our earrings this means we’ve used 14k gold filled wire or sterling silver wire only. For our necklaces we’ve begun the transition to 14k gold filled chain and sterling silver chain, too, but also have some gold plated options for folks who are feeling a bit more money conscience.

What does this mean for your sensitive skin? Unlike metal alloys, at the core of gold fill jewelry is high quality jewelers’ brass which is then coated in at least 5% 14k gold. This means the gold will never rub or flake off. These pieces do not contain any nickel are hypoallergenic and a great, affordable option. In general, gold is also extremely slow to tarnish and easily cleaned. This means you can wear your jewelry in the shower or ocean without worries.


Sterling silver is another great option, but can sometimes contain small amounts of copper, brass, or nickel Because the trace amounts some folks find that sterling silver can irritate their skin if they’re especially sensitive. Because sterling silver is an alloy it tends to tarnish, but it will never rub off on your skin. Like gold filled, sterling silver is waterproof making it another great on the go option.

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