Winter Collection

Winter is coming... the winter collection that is!

Natural Dendrite Opal Earrings

For the winter collection we wanted to stick with our favorite looks combining boho pieces with gemstones, but we also wanted to give ourselves a bit of a challenge. Interchangeable earrings - you voted for them on IG, and we listened! 

Many of the designs in this collection can be worn multiple ways: only with the gemstone, only with the metal work, and with all the pieces. This gives you the ability to dress up or down with your accessories in an instant without needing to remember to pack others. 

Coupled with these designs are some of our new favs - fringe, fringe, fringe. We love the movement and vibe that the fringe gives pieces. 

Throughout this collection, we focused on the feel and colors of winter. For gemstones we used natural dendrite opal, blue topaz, rainbow and white moonstone, and black sandstone. These colors felt very wintery to me when I was picking them out, but also were rich and warm. 

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