It's all about the stack... the ring stack!

Whether you’re purchasing a ring at an event or ordering it through our website, we pride ourselves on making pieces that are comfortable, beautiful, and most importantly tailored to your fingers. At every craft event I always bring my ring sizers, hammer, and mandrel in case a ring needs to be sized on the spot. When ordering a ring, though, the rings are made to order. This means that you can order a ring down to the half size and we can easily make it.

When I think of rings I always think of statement rings. You know, the beautiful, big rings with stones and lots of dramatic elements. When I started making rights, though, I wanted to make pieces that I’d also wear - and wear often. My daily stacks consist of a few hammered rings; a spinner, that admittedly gets a workout on more days than I can count; and a white mountain band. I tend to also keep my first of their kind rings like this ring (name tbd) that I plan to add to the summer collection.



Whether it’s a ring of 14k gold fill or sterling silver, though, they all start out exactly the same - as a bundle of wire, a blank slate. Once I know what size ring I’m aiming to make, I do a few quick calculations and cut my wire to size. Each side of the wire gets a quick sanding so that they lay flat against one another for the next step - soldering. After soldering all of our rings head to the pickle. No, not that kind of pickle. Our pickle is a small crockpot with vinegar and salt. Basically the pickle is a smiths bestie when it comes to removing the yuck and gunk from soldering. When the pieces come out of the pickle they get a quick, gentle rinse before being polish sanded. Finally, our pieces go into our tumbler before being ready to go to their forever homes.

Making jewelry…. Making metal jewelry especially… is a labor of love. It’s about those slow movements and steps to make your piece look exactly how you envisioned. For us that means sometimes our designs fail and that’s ok. For you that means you have the ability to design your own ring stack, mix metals, mix textures, and experiment without breaking the bank.

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