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fran & grace collection, feb 4

When I decided to make a Valentine’s Day collection, I knew that I didn’t want to do the traditional pieces. You know what I’m talking about - a collection filled with hearts, pink, and red. It took all of 5 minutes to have the idea that I wanted to create a collection that highlights the love story of Fran & Grace. Although my grandmother, Grace, passed several years ago the passing of Fran, my grandfather, in November is one I’m still processing. This collection, though, isn’t about the feelings of loss or sadness. This collection is a celebration to the life of two people who against all odds fell in love in this crazy world. 

fran & grace 1950

My grandparents, a young man from Massachusetts and beautiful lady from Maine, met and were married in 1950. For the next 61 years - yes you read that right - they stayed madly in love. This incredible level of love and devotion was evident even toward the end of the grandfathers life when Alzehimers had stollen the knowledge of who everyone in his family was except for Grace. Together they built a life, had 7 children, and growing up were the picture of what a marriage should be to me. 

Neither were without faults, they were people after all, but I remember vividly hanging out at their house and them flirting often. When I think of them now, my mind often drifts back to the day that my grandmother made a “jail break” from the rehabilitation center and surprised him at an Easter celebration at my parents home. The immense joy, excitement, and love that radiated from them both at seeing each other was infectious. 

fran & grace in their dining room

While making this collection - from sketching to designing pieces - I tried to keep the simple ideals that their love represented to me in mind. This collection focuses on the endless nature of true love, the unity and connection that two people can form, and the timelessness of a love story. In the coming weeks we’ll be showing off pieces of this collection and telling you more about the stories behind the designs. I hope that this collection, available February 4th, brings you as much joy as it has me to make. 

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Your tribute to Grammy and Grampy was so touching. No two people touched the lives of so many. Never was there “I told you so”. Instead their response was always, “how can we help”. I hold so many great memories close to my heart. We are blessed to call them mom/dad/grammie/grampy/Grace/Fran.
Can’t wait for your collection and buying a reminder of their love.

Teresa Leonard

Again you have touched my heart, what a beautiful story about Grammie and Grampie. 💖


Looking forward to seeing the collection!

Mary Owen

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