About The Glitter & Gold Collection

I've been talking about this collection a lot lately. It's honestly the first collection that I've tried to actually roll out slowly instead of waking up one morning and saying "hey, friend! Look at this!" and then never talking about it again for six months. 

The glitter & gold collection is so much more than I had originally dreamed of. I started this collection as a way to show you my new favorite pieces - gold-filled and sterling silver - and my new favorite hobbies - soldering pieces and adding tiny, tiny gemstones. 

Turns out, though, that my love affair with gold-filled and sterling silver pieces has only just begun, and I hope that you're right along there with me. 



    • Life Happens - You can wear gold filled and sterling silver jewelry in the shower & ocean.
    • Standing up to the test of time - This collection is filled with quality products that won't break (and will withstand anything your day holds). 
    • Sensitive skin? We feel ya' - This collection features gold filled pieces that not contain any trace amounts of nickel. This makes gold-filled a great, affordable option. 


Mark your calendars!! This collection goes LIVE June 4th with limited quantities. 
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