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Nature's Prism Suncatchers - Hexagon

Nature's Prism Suncatchers - Hexagon

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Awaken your space with the radiant beauty of nature, captured in Acorn & Artisan's Nature's Prism Suncatchers. Each piece is a unique celebration of light and color, designed to bring the enchanting dance of rainbows into your home. These suncatchers blend the artistry of non-toxic resin with the charm of dried fruits, flowers, and gemstones, creating a mesmerizing play of light that transforms any room into a serene retreat.



Material:High-quality, non-toxic art-grade resin for durability and clarity.

Natural Elements:Contains a harmonious mix of dried fruits, flowers, and gemstones, ensuring each piece is unique.

Rainbow Maker:Designed to catch and refract sunlight, creating stunning rainbows throughout your space.

Ease of Display:Simple to hang with just a suction cup and the included hanging ring.

Variety in Size and Shape:Each suncatcher varies in size and shape, adding to its uniqueness and charm.

Indoor Use:Perfectly suited for indoor spaces to enhance the ambience of any room.

Note:Due to the handcrafted nature of our suncatchers, variations in design are to be expected, making every piece uniquely yours.


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